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Practice Means


more repetition

much more repetition

Repetition is essential to most martial arts because:

It deepens the relation between mind and body. Repetition gets your body better innervated for those repeated moves.

That’s the mind-body bond. Your body is closer to being an expression of your mind. Besides, we already know that the mind-body relation is reciprocal, such as when posture influences your mood.

Karate Do :-Way of warrior living

For me —

karate-Do not only just about fighting. It’s art of living/ art of Budo.

The fighting/strength of an individual is not measured by how much one can control others, but by how much on can control oneself”
The principles of Karate (and All Martial Arts) speaks to issues of character and spirituality, as well as the need for courage, honesty, perseverance, loyalty, trust, integrity, and humility.

All of which find expression through Genuine Courtesy and Respect.

“The practitioners of Karate will learn to follow the path of sincerity. They will learn self control and compassion.”

Through the practice of Karate (Martial Arts) students will improve their coordination, physical condition, reaction, and self-discipline
For me karate-Do is tool for perfecting our Self.
overcome fear or anxiety, to cultivate character and personal maturity not only fighting.



the practice of training people to obey rules and behave wellनियम-पालन और सदाचरण की शिक्षा, अनुशासनA good teacher must be able to maintain discipline in the classroom.A good teacher must be able to maintain discipline in the classroom.2.the practice of training your mind and body so th