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The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root word

“yug,” which literally means to yoke or unite.


Concentrate all your thoughts

upon the work at hand.


Be self-confident, self-controlled, modest and generous


The purpose of karate training is to discipline the mind and body and to master the art of Self Defense.

About Us

RENBUKAI transcends what the average person thinks of in the martial arts. You could say it was Karate, Judo, Kung-Fu, Aikido, Tae-kwon do,Krav Maga etc., for it resembles those arts and much more. It encompasses all martial arts. The term RENBUKAI means literally “Training Martial Arts Association”. Students of RENBUKAI developed Bogu (armour) which is used as form of protective gear, similar to that of Kendo. Bogu allows the students to test themselves and their techniques by training in full power. 

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DARUMA JUKU is the symbol of our organization which signifies mental, physical and spiritual coordination in our lives and teaches us the spirit of never giving up.

It is the registered trademark of Renbukai India.

DARUMA originally belonged to India – THE MASTER OF DHYANA (Meditation).

Renbukai India gives a major concern to ZEN Meditation which is a very important part of our Daruma juku- Karate-Do Renbukai .

Real meaning of our Daruma juku logo –

Nana korobi ya oki ( if you fall down seven times , get up eight time.

This is the most expression of Daruma Daishi , who was first person to come from India and establish Zen in China.

We learn from this expression that no matter how many time you fall down, you must get up one more time. If you fall down hundred times , you must get up one hundred and one .
Some times you get up quickly. Some it is very hard to get up at all. Still , you must struggle and get up .when something unexpected arises in our daily lives, we often feel like giving up right away. We feel that life is over for us, and even if we were try , we could not make it anyway. However , even when we feel like wanting to continue , if we gather all our spirit and energy , we find that we can , in fact , make it.
We are not perfect .we are only human. We all make mistakes . We have to try to become more mature day by day. We should always try to make tomorrow better than today. However , we should not be so afraid of making a mistake that we become afraid to try. When people become like this , they become too cautious , and they worry too much. There point of view become too narrow.

There are no guarantees in life .you cannot be assured that you will always be safe and comfortable . Sometimes you Will fail. However , from failure you can learn a great many things . You learn how to get up again , and you grow from this experience.
Even though we cannot avoid mistakes , we can try to avoid making the same mistake twice. This is a very important point .we must not use our imperfection as an excuse to continue to make the same mistakes. It might happen that you may repeat the same mistake one more time , but that is when you must ask yourself : ” why have I done this again ? What is my weakness ?”.

The most important thing is not to be afraid of failure . Don’t give up. You can take your time , but you must always get back up. Sometimes you get up quickly ,and sometimes you suffer. However , when it is time , you still have to get up. That’s is Daruma Daishi real lesson.
This is the real meaning of Daruma juku logo.

The discipline of single minded repetition is at the heart of kaarate-do through it, we can quiet the inner dialogue betwenn the ego and intellect and we can find true freedom. There are no shortcuts to anything of lasting value. Karate-do aims at the highest perfection of the individual in the physical , spiritual and mental dimensions. A true karate -ka is a person who takes his or her training in the dojo and applies it in the outside world, using the highest moral Staandard.

I feel DARUMA JUKU RENBUKAI karate do is unique, because it stresses the unity and inseparability of KARATE and ZEN . This is not a new idea. Rather ,it is a returning to the origins of martial arts. By returning to the roots of KARATE, it can be made extremely valuable for men, women karate and zen were inseparable of DARUMA’S {BODHIDHARMA} search for spiritual perfection. The two were one, Hence the historical basis for the old saying, ” KEN ZEN ICHI NYO ” Daruma juku Renbukai seeks to find the ” original face” of martial art.

Moral values of RENBUKAI KARATE –DO KARATE-KA should be loyal and devoted , first and always to parents and family. Secondly, If karate ka decides to pursue the way of karate , he/she should always remember. The importance of loyalty to the Country,  organization and the teacher, Who guide the karate-ka along the path of growth and self improvement & truthfulness, courtesy, rectitude, obedience, respect, patience , sincerity.

Repetition – more repetition – much more repetition
( This is the way of Technique )

Many people are unaware of the different forms and specific benefits that can be derived from practicing martial arts. While weight loss, flexibility, self defence, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, improved reflexes and muscle mass are some of the most obvious health benefits of martial arts, there some forms of martial arts that can also improve your moods and strengthen your mental health. Budo is one of them; it is a Japanese martial art that focuses mainly on the mind-body connection and inner peace.